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  User post count titles
Posted by: power8ce - 06-17-2014 03:24 PM - No Replies

Below are the default user title after certain numbers of post. Keep in mind you can also customize your own personal title as well. Shy

  • 0 - N00b
  • 10 - Home User
  • 25 - Office User
  • 50 - Geek
  • 100 - IT Grunt
  • 200 - System Admin
  • 400 - Sr. Sys Admin
  • 700 - ???
  • 1100 - ???
  • 1600 - ???
  • 2200 - ???
  • 2900 - ???
  • 5000 - ???

Pondering what user titles are from 700 to 5000? Well, only one way to find out! Cool
(HINT: movies.)

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  Help us create a logo?
Posted by: power8ce - 06-07-2014 02:09 PM - No Replies

Personally I'm not good at graphics. Just wondering if anyone on forum good with graphics and willing to create us a professional looking logo.


  • Need to contain the text "" (note the capitalizations)
  • Some graphic aside the text
  • Transparent
  • Size is 250x80 (I believe?)
  • (OPTIONAL) Vector form would be nice

PM me if you are up for the job. We can work out rest of the details. Thank you! Big Grin

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  Git and YouTube (soon)
Posted by: power8ce - 08-29-2012 12:06 PM - Replies (5)

I want to start making some scripts I've written in past available to public. Those that I *think* it would be beneficial to somebody.

I've never used any VCS (Version Control System) before. So I did a little research and git seems like a good fit. At my work place they uses Subversion. My initial stance on it is svn is a little more hassle to use than git - I could be wrong, and I'm not here to start an argument between svn and git. Smile

I've populated SysAdminTalk.Net GitHub public Git repository with a backup wrapper script over Duplicity already. Feel free to look over it and use it if you like. Just a fair warning beforehand... I've never took any computer science classes nor I read up on any proper programming guides. With that being said, my code can be disorganized/messy! Cool

Since script is written to be customized in nature, the operation of it can be confusing just by looking at the code. My other intention is create YouTube video per script to go over how it functions. I haven't start looking into which screencast program to use in Linux. If you know a good one, let me know!

Everyone is encouraged to contribute as well! If you feel like contributing, please see this thread here! For now please see our official git and youtube channel below!

If you want to check out all files just run...
git clone git://

Thank you!

p.s. If you have any thoughts or comments on this please feel free to shout out as well! Big Grin

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  Forum accounts clean up
Posted by: power8ce - 03-22-2011 11:21 AM - Replies (3)

We've purged 30+ or so forum user accounts. All were just accounts trying to create backlinks.

Sorry, but unless you have something meaningful and/or related sysadmin topics, please DO NOT register an account on SysAdminTalk.Net! Please take your SEO business elsewhere.

We don't want to take more drastic measures such as auto-pruning and/or IP banning. Thank you.

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  Join our Facebook fan page!
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 01:38 PM - No Replies

We do have a Facebook page! Come! Join us!

[Image: 22_27_01_11_6_37_15.png]

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  Social network buttons
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 01:33 PM - Replies (1)

We actually implemented this the first day site is launched. It did took some template code modifications to get this done.

Every article you read will have the Facebook Like Button on top. If you like the article, please feel free to click "like".

We will slowly implement more social networking add-ons in near future.

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  Get moderator status AND "free VPS" with 20 sysadmin relevant posts!
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 01:32 PM - Replies (14)

Don't forget! For a limited time only, you can become a moderator of SysAdminTalk.Net by making twenty new posts!
Replies to existing posts may not be counted toward this offer, however, it can be considered at our discretion.

The only requirement is that all new posts needs to be relevant to "sysadmin". Guides/tutorials/howto, tips, questionnaires/FAQ... etc. all counts! Copy-and-paste from other blogs, forums, websites... etc. will not count! Unless you are the OP (Original Poster) and owns the copyright to it.

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  Portal as homepage
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 01:00 PM - No Replies

Instead of going straight to the forums. I've made MyBB Portal the homepage.

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  Enabled memcached
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 12:59 PM - No Replies

Instead of using DB cache, we are using memcached from now on. My personal experience with memcached is it works very well with large sites. Probably won't notice too much since SysAdminTalk.Net is still young and small. Blush

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  New forums introduced
Posted by: power8ce - 01-27-2011 11:50 AM - No Replies

We've added Video Games & Database forums per requests.

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